Kleber Tocantins Matos

Lawyer - Member of the Brazil Order of Lawyers, Mato Grosso Sectional, having been in this State Counselor Sectional, management 2009/2012, founding partner of Tocantins Advocacy S/S, has been operating for 15 years in legal advice to national and international company in the field of commercial law, labor, agribusiness, regulatory and international. Has advised family groups with respect to shielding equity and corporate governance and has developed work with excellence in holdings.

Specialist in Civil Litigation, has been chairman of the environment committee of the OAB / MT has monitored and supervised the construction of the plant in Rio Manso - MT, and the Construction of Pipe Originating from Bolivia with Gas Oduto.

Has experience abroad which was in the year 2012 in the town of Whistler - Canada, studying Cool Inglês school Tamwood, where he had the opportunity to meet the Whistler Chamber of Commerce.

Member of the Center for Corporate Advocacy - CESA being one of the creators of the opening of the sectional in the state of Mato Grosso and current vice president of this institution. Member of the International Bar Association - IBA participated in several international conferences as a delegate on the continents of South America, North America, Europe and Asia and is a member of the Public Law committees, Multi-Disciplinary Practices, European and Arab Regional Forum Forum. Member of the Trade Cameras from Germany, Canada and Spain and a member of Martindale Hubbell.

Deise Mendroni

Lawyer - Member of the Brazil Order of Lawyers, São Paulo Section, working in the area of social security law and tax, and special ability to grant benefits, calculations of monthly income initial retirement and restore losses suffered by policyholders. Works in pension funding, assisting companies in the recovery of taxes, social security clearances and advice.

Master in Tax Law from PUC / SP, having served as advisor of the Minister of Justice and Superior Court of the Federal Court and Full Professor in the areas of Social Security Law, Tax and Constitutional.

Also specializes in Civil Litigation, FMU.

Sara Sanchez Sanchez

Lawyer - Member of the Order of Lawyers of Brazil, São Paulo Section, managing partner of GrowAssociates with dual nationality Brazilian-Spanish, has worked for fifteen years in the internationalization of business, with special emphasis on the deployment of foreign companies in Brazil, having between them many Spanish customers. Has served as Director on the Spanish Chamber of São Paulo.

Specialist in European Law, working and lived for three years in Madrid. He served in various procurement processes in Brazil, being expert at the International Institute of Social Sciences - IICS - Mergers and Acquisitions.

Also specializes in Brazilian Corporate Law and International Business Law. Tax acts strongly in the area, with special ability to enter the tax system for foreigners and advice on tax system more suitable for the type of activity to develop the country, as well as tributes to take into account for the pricing. Works in pension funding, assisting companies in the recovery of taxes, social security clearances and advice.

Postgraduate in Social Security Law by EPD has been developing work in the area of ??funding with the recovery of social security contributions paid in error and pension advice.

Member of the Trade Cameras Spain and Portugal. Member of ABAT - Brazilian Association of Tax Lawyers.

Caroline O. Cardoso Facchini

- Bachelor of Laws , University of Cuiabá - UNIC , in 2000 , in Cuiabá - Mato Grosso .

- Admitted to the Bar Association of Brazil / MT under the number 7153 .

- Postgraduate degree in Civil Law and Civil Procedure Law , the University Gama Filho - Rio de Janeiro , in 2005 .

- Specializing in Individual and Procedural Law of Labor , the Association of Judges of the Labour Court 23 th Region - Amatra and University Center of Lowland Grande - UNIVAG , in 2007 .

Participation in other activities (with certificate)

- " Mato Grosso Congress of Labour Law and Procedure "

- " The Law in Evolution "

- " The Recent Reform of the Common Process - Reflections in the Judiciary Law of Labor "

- " Preparatory Course for Judicial Labour " held by the Judicial School of the TRT and the 23 th Region Association of Judges of the Labour Court of the 23 th Region - Amatra XXIII

- " 1st Cycle of Conferences About Civil Law in the Labor Court " held by the Judicial School of the TRT and the 23 th Region Association of Judges of the Labour Court of the 23 th Region - Amatra XXIII

- " Solicitation Procedures Course , Celebration , Execution and Accountability of Covenants ," conducted by the School of Government in partnership with the Department of Planning and General Coordination

- " Course Bidding and Contract " , the School of Government

Professional Experience

- State Department of Labor, Employment , Citizenship and Social - SETECS

- Nominated for holding the post of Special Advisor in committee , crowded on Legal Advice , October to December 2003.

- Named to hold office on commission Deputy Superintendent of Consumer Protection , in December/2003 to February 2004 .

- Named to hold office on commission Special Adviser on Legal Advice , 23:03:04 , 03:07:06 to date

- Substitute Professor at the Center for Legal Practice , Federal University of Mato Grosso - UFMT in the areas of Civil Law and Civil Procedure , contract term of one year , from January 8, 2007 .

- Regular exercising of law since August 2006;

Diego Santiago Vieira de Brito

Analytical, bilingual lawyer with an interest in law enforcement, national security, and human rights, public and private international law, tax issues. Solid background in matters of domestic / international policy, mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships.



-5º Chamber for Family and Heritage issues -Judge´s Office, Cuiabá, mato Grosso 2005-2006 .

-Provide legal counsel to various subjects involving brazilian family law, and entities regarding domestic / international minors bureau acts, heritage transactions.

-Serve the interests of public interests with compliance issues.

BLASZAK BLASZAK LAW FIRM, Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, Fall 2006-2007


-Researched electoral, public and admnistrative law issues; prepared related memoranda, also attending to the Blairo Magi´s Governor-s Office Run for Legal advice.

-Conducted domestic leaga and policy research for legislative staff; summarized committee hearings.


CUIABÁ ´S PRIVATE COLLEGE OF LAW - UNIC - Universidade de Cuiabá, Cuiabá, Mato Grosso

Juris Doctor, G.P.A.: 2007

-Attended Fisk institute Cáceres, Brazil - Fall 1995-1999

-Advanced and Proficiency Certification in English, 1999


-Member, State Bar of Mato Grosso Mexico, 2008 - Present

-Member, State´s Bar of Mato Grosso for International Law Estudies Association, 2008-2010

-Articles & Notes Editor (1998 - 1999): Staff Member (1997 - 1998), International Law Journal

-Public Servant for the Justice Ministry- National Indigenous Foundation - 2010-Present

Leopoldo Pagotto

Leopoldo holds a law degree from the University of São Paulo (USP) Law School (1999) and following that, he specialized in Capital Markets Law at the same University of São Paulo Law School in 2000.

He also obtained a MSc in Economic Law from the University of São Paulo Law School (Thesis: Competition in the Brazilian Banking System) in 2004 and a MSc in Regulation from the London School of Economics and Political Science (Thesis: Institutional analysis of the Brazilian Antitrust Authorities) in 2005.

Lastly, Leopoldo was awarded a PhD in Economic Law (Dissertation: Anticorruption in Brazil). He regularly writes in several specialized reviews in both Brazil and abroad, besides being the Communication and Website Officer of the IBA Anticorruption Committee. Leopoldo Pagotto is also a judge of the Ethics Tribunal of the São Paulo Bar Association.

Admitted to the São Paulo Bar Association, Leopoldo has been working as an antitrust practitioner and has been involved in several antitrust cases (merger reviews and conduct cases). He also has knowledge in regulatory and litigation areas of practice. Before his professional experience as an antitrust attorney, he was a trainee at Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE), Brasília, and at Secretariat of Economic Law (SDE), Brasília.

After graduating, Leopoldo practiced litigation in courts and in the administrative sphere in the Audit Tribunal, Electoral Courts, Parliamentary Investigation Commissions and Bribery cases.

Luiz Antonio Sarraf Neves


2003 - Graduate in Law Course - University of Cuiabá - UNIC

2004 - Preparatory Course for entry into legal careers - ESUD - Cuiaba-MT

Professional Experience

-Special Court-Federal - 2002 - Social Security Law, INSS, CEF

-Forum of Civil Court Cuiabá/MT- 2003 - Assessment, protocol, process control and customer service

-Controller's Internal Audit Court of the State of Mato Grosso from 2006 to 2008

-Advisor to the Controller-TCE Interior / MT: 2008 to 2009

-Director-Counsel of the Court of the State of Mato Grosso since February 2009.

-Regular exercise of law since April 2004 - Specialization in Civil Procedure and Labour

Courses by TCE / MT with Certificate:

-Social Security Law and Public Tender Integral;

-Concepts, Accounting Standards and Procedures;

-Investments Pension Actuarial Valuation and Accounting;

-Due precess-Legal;

Technical Sessions

-Professional-External Control;

-Payment Sheet;

-Tenders and Contracts Administration.