Tocantins Advocacia S/S is one of the most respected law firms in the State of Mato-Grosso. Founded in 1995, the office aims to provide legal services to high standards of quality and excellence in various areas of Business Law.

The office conducts national and international transactions and serves customers from all continents, especially Europe, Asia and the Americas.

It is in the business areas of Tocantins Advocacia S/S, as - Corporate Law, Banking, Labor, Regulatory, Tax, International Trade, and Economic Competition, Insurance and Corporate Restructuring - that reflect everyday knowledge and experience of our professionals.

In 2012, Tocantins Advocacia S/S joined the office ROLIM Advogados Associados specializing in international law, established in São Paulo since 1991. The firm ROLIM Advogados Associados has the cooperation of law firms correspondents throughout Brazil, Latin America, United States, Europe and Asia. Has a representative in New York for advice as well as other larger offices in the same city.

To maintain maximum efficiency in service, the office is constantly investing in the training of lawyers and administrative staff. Allied to this strategy, the ongoing collaboration of multidisciplinary teams ensures a swift action and the best possible outcome for the demands of our customers.

Over the years, Tocantins Advocacia S/S has formed its greatest asset: a name and a solid body of law of high technical precision and strict ethical standards. Our philosophy is based on a trinomial simple: talent, work and technology.

We believe in the improvement of society by law. And the Attorney committed to ethics, responsibility, and excellence in legal solutions, customer satisfaction and personal fulfillment of our members.

The Tocantins Advocacia S/S always deprived of serving the customer in all areas of law in reaching their goals with creativity, security and efficiency. Attracting and developing top talent, building teams trained to offer cutting-edge services. Improve constantly and share knowledge. Practice and communicate ethical values.